Client Reporting

Regular and timely communication with clients is an important consideration in a wealth management relationship.

At Dalrymple Wealth Counsel, we are committed to the following communication disciplines:

We provide monthly and quarterly reports for each portfolio depending on the wishes and needs of our individual clients. Raymond James provides monthly reporting for portfolio valuations and transactions. It is a ‘snap shot’ of the holdings in each portfolio, the cost and market value for each security, and market value for the portfolio at month-end. Dalrymple Wealth Counsel provides quarterly reporting for achievement relative to plan and performance. Our quarterly report also reviews global economic issues and how they impact on your investment strategy. Our quarterly client report includes the following:

  • detailed portfolio valuation
  • complete account reconciliation
  • statement of portfolio transactions by individual security for the quarterly period
  • asset mix report showing the allocation by percentage to each asset class
  • rates of return for each portfolio for the current quarter and year to date

We recommend twice yearly meetings with your portfolio manager (as a discipline) to review your portfolio and financial markets in general.

We send our clients timely investment reports (usually twice yearly) on subjects that are current and timely to the investment process and our clients’ interests.